Japanese baths…also for mobiles

By | 10/02/2017

We already know that Japan and the Asian culture are really different if we compare their traditions and uses with ours. But today we have to talk about the Narita Airport in Tokio.

One of the most popular and used airports in the country has just give a step to the front. We also know that they are really preocuppied because of the germs and, according to latest studies, the smartphone screens can have up to five time more germs than the toilet.

That is why they have just launched the paper dispenser for mobiles that is now available in the toilets, together with the normal dispenser, and that will help travellers to clean their screens while they can read the welcome message on it and also the wifi password.

There are 83 available towels dispensers that will give service till final March as it is sponsored by NTTDoCoMo. Moreover, appart from the wifi pass and the welcome message, it also gives some tips for the foreign passengers with apps like the Japanese translator.

We do know that this may shock, but the truth is that it is just the fist step for the rest of the world to copy this iniciative as it has been really well accepted by all type of tourists that are now aware of the need of an effective cleaning ways of their screens in case they don’t want to be attacked by germs.

Of course this is just a demo experience but we can bet from here that the Asian countries will take note and, if the experience keeps as it seems, this would not be just a temporary fix or temporary campaign but a permanent one. Take also into account the super inhabitation of these countries and the many health measurements that they are always trying to control the diseases.

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