Medieval castles in UK with Travel2be

By | 17/07/2015

If you want to visit some medieval castles, you just have to follow the recommendations of Travel2be, an online travel agency that has made an must see list for this type of edifications.

If you want to get there, you just have to book your flights and find the best season to travel to this historical country, where all the fairy tales could have happened, moreover, in those imponent constructions.

Travel2be will help you in your searching as the web they use will help you making your reservations in the most easy way.

Follow this guide steps to visit the most important ones:

1. London Tower: maybe this is one of the most famous and visited ones by the thousands of tourists that arrive to the British capital. Built durint the 11th Century, once you see it will be the typical normand architecture. Of course, nowadays it is one of the most popular monuments to visit in London as it guards the Crown jewels, one of the most important and expensive collections all over the world. You must discover, also, the history and legend about the crows that live near the white tower.

2. Dover Castle: if we attend to the numerous opinions about this castle, it will be almost a must to get to visit it. Located in the Kent County, it was built during the 12th Century ordered by King Henry II. From this structure the Tudor Dinasty run the power till the 15th century. It was really important also during the 17th Century during the British Civil War. At least, once you travel to this British place, you will find out some of the main historical spots of this country.

3. Alnwick Castle: in an English Gothic style, this castle was the residence of the Northumberland Dukes. Afther the II World War, some main parts of this castle were dedicated to build some classes to start teaching. Of course, it will be a surprise for you to visit it and discover some art in the tourist areas. You will be able to see frescoes of Pompeii or even objects of Egyptian art

4. Stokesay Castle: maybe if you decide to visit this castle you will be able to discover the best conserved one all over the country. Located in Shropshire, this castle was once owned by a rich family, but since the mid 17th century, it was traspassed to the Parliament authorities. Nowadays it is part of the Monumental Patrimony of the United Kingdom, but you will find the real medieval style just by taking a look to its galleries.

5. Berkeley Castle: lets talk about legends and even the murder of Eduard II in the 14th century. Since 1997 any traveler can visit almost the 15% of this castle as the rest is still habited by the descendents of the Berkeley family, that have lived here for 24 generations.

Well, we are sure you have just seen the begining of an interesting trip through the British history. London, any of the counties or even just flying to the main cities of this marvellous nation will be a great idea for this summer. As you can see, Travel2be has just talked about the English ones, but you also have the possibility to travel to Scotland, where castles, medievals and even history are the main attractions of this land.

Make your luggage, make your own opinion and travel to this monuments. We will like to share with you all this list, but there are many others you can discover by yourself.

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