The QE rumours

By | 07/01/2015

We are now watching constantly changes in terms of economy in many parts of the world.

While the Asian areas are fighting agains the international investment capital looses in Japan, Russia is working to stabilize their currency, specially because of the freefall of the oil price, the eurozone is seeking the measures for reviving an economy that seems to have lost strength and speed your recovery and tries to counter US market in its latest published data and the consequences of the above named scenarios , is the time to start make forecasts for 2015 and also listen to rumors that ring through the halls of the main institutions .

Experts from all over the world are now in their first week of this 2015 and, moreover, planning what is going to be expected for these 12 months with all these constant changes. Morgan Stanley, Versus Wealth Management or UBS are taking notes of the previsions of two of the most expected announcements of the year.

Firstly, United States. Experts have been waiting months for the announcement of the FED to stop the expansionists mesurements and the beginning of rising interest rates . For now , although it has been talked about a quarter, the truth is that it is not expected that the announcement is made before the second half of the year.

Secondly and, maybe the most expected one, is the one that has to do with the economical policies for Europe. As we are are listening in markets , it is expected that the European Central Bank‘s move tab in the first quarter to add more expansionary measures to change monetary policy so far does not seem finishing work as expected to aid recovery economic .

If there is something that is making markets worry is the Chinese crisis, something that has been dragging the major exchanges and trade performance numbers that are unexpected in this year end . Let’s wait to see if the announcement of the Bank of China where he offered deposit guarantees that investors will end up not coming out of this area and take refuge in other less affected.

There is also an appointment with OPEC, where it is expected that, from June, if the oil price does not go up, they will announce a drop in production that could serve as a respite for those most affected by the situation price – output current .

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