A unique route in the Northern France: Normandy

By | 25/04/2016

France is a country to discover and enjoy all its possibilities. Gastronomy, history, landscapes, culture, outdoor sports, tradition…everything here is different, is perfect.

We do understand that this country is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the world. The truth is that there are many contrasts to enjoy while you plan a visit to any of its regions.

If you decide to go to the south border side, the Pyrenees will show you the most medieval villages, enjoying all history and architecture. But we want to talk today about the northern part of France, the Normandy.

Well known because of the war, there are many treasures hidden in the many localities you will find on your way.

Barneville-sur-Seine could be the first stop. Just take a look to the surroundings. Yes, the landscapes are stunning. The Seine River shore gives this place magical corner where the trees and nature are the main characters.

Vernon could be the next step to understand the real beauty of this place. A windmill above the river is a perfect photo to take. You will never get tired of looking at it. And if you want to share it, we promise you that anyone that watches it will immediately love your trip.

There is also a must once you bet for a Normandy trip. We are talking about Rouen, the place where Joan of Arc was cremated. As you can imagine, this heroine is very popular in this French area. You can spend a great time spending here a few nights, talking with their neighbours or even playing cards with them while you talk about life, be sure it is an option, as well as the online casinos, a typical entertainment for people while the winter still shows its worst climatology.

Of course, to end these recommendations about the Northern part of France, we cannot forget one unforgettable place, maybe the most stunning place in this area: Mont St. Michel. Once you take a look to all it means, you will probably fall in love with it and enjoy a lot your getaway.

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