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Japanese baths…also for mobiles

We already know that Japan and the Asian culture are really different if we compare their traditions and uses with ours. But today we have to talk about the Narita Airport in Tokio.

One of the most popular and used airports in the country has just give a step to the front. We also know that they are really preocuppied because of the germs and, according to latest studies, the smartphone screens can have up to five time more germs than the toilet. ... read more - click title

The Bank of England lows to 0.25% the interest rates

Finally it happened. After the Brexit storm, the Bank of England has decreased the money value, something that has not happened since 2009.

But it is not the only announcement: they will also start a plan to provide liquidity to the banking in order to keep credit  flowing to businesses and families, the main problem that could colaps the British economy. ... read more - click title

A unique route in the Northern France: Normandy

France is a country to discover and enjoy all its possibilities. Gastronomy, history, landscapes, culture, outdoor sports, tradition…everything here is different, is perfect.

We do understand that this country is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the world. The truth is that there are many contrasts to enjoy while you plan a visit to any of its regions. ... read more - click title

Flexible schedules for working

This has been one of the main discussion not only at the headquarters but also in politics. The way families are able to adapt their work to their family role.

The truth is that there have been some changes in all the schedules to help with this issue but, are they enough? ... read more - click title

Medieval castles in UK with Travel2be

If you want to visit some medieval castles, you just have to follow the recommendations of Travel2be, an online travel agency that has made an must see list for this type of edifications.

If you want to get there, you just have to book your flights and find the best season to travel to this historical country, where all the fairy tales could have happened, moreover, in those imponent constructions. ... read more - click title

The QE rumours

We are now watching constantly changes in terms of economy in many parts of the world.

While the Asian areas are fighting agains the international investment capital looses in Japan, Russia is working to stabilize their currency, specially because of the freefall of the oil price, the eurozone is seeking the measures for reviving an economy that seems to have lost strength and speed your recovery and tries to counter US market in its latest published data and the consequences of the above named scenarios , is the time to start make forecasts for 2015 and also listen to rumors that ring through the halls of the main institutions . ... read more - click title

Los singles tendrán su discoteca en la zona centro

Pipi Estrada y Miriam Sánchez acompañarán a cupido y a sus ayudantes en una noche muy especial, llena de sorpresas para los asistentes llegados desde diversos puntos de España

Si atendemos a las cifras, más de 8 millones de españoles se define single. Puede que sea una tendencia, pero lo cierto es que cada vez hay más ofertas de ocio dirigidas a este público que, por tiempo, por pereza o por decisión propia, no consiguen encontrar pareja con la que compartir viajes y otras actividades de ocio. ... read more - click title