Flexible schedules for working

By | 09/02/2016

This has been one of the main discussion not only at the headquarters but also in politics. The way families are able to adapt their work to their family role.

The truth is that there have been some changes in all the schedules to help with this issue but, are they enough?

The answer to this question is no. But why?

In Spain, according to last surveys, almost the 81% of the companies have adapted their job journey to help parents conciliate their family life by using smart technologies at home or during their trips.

Vodafone, the phone company, helped giving answers to this by their last study: flexible schedules, friend or enemy of conciliating?

If we take a look to the results of this study, this new corporate decision helped the company with almost a 89% of productivity increase, while in other countries like USA, this rate high the results to the 86%.

But not only this, if we talk about the company incomes, they grew as about the 68% of companies recognized.

Although all these results, workers declare that they usually use their own smartphones or pc to work in remote.

Anyway, we have good news. The latest technology is helping workers enjoy their family time without having to spend long journeys at the office. We suppose that during next years this way of working will be implanted in almost any company because of the possitive reports it is having not only for the company incomes but also in terms of personal productivity.

The way we work nowadays will start changing soon. Someday, we will be able to just go to the office a few days for meetings, but not for our routines.

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