Mariano Pelizzari, Travelgenio’s CEO talks about their challenges

By | 20/03/2014

With presence in mostly all the European countries, Travelgenio is a sucessful Spanish travel agency that born in 2010. Mariano Pelizzari, its CEO explains the constant expansion they are having.

They have presence in the main European countries and are prepairing the arrival to the Latin American countries to expand their portfolio.

Can we talk about just one reason to travel or booking?

Of course no. Everyone has a different reason to take a flight or plan a getaway.

Talking about bookings, as it was shown in the 1st Study of Airlines Customer Satisfaction we published last year, over the 68.04% of travelers want prices considered acceptable or excellent before they make their reservations. So price is an important think to take into account. But not only that, they also look for a good customer service and a team working for them to solve any incidence if it happens. We have improved our service. The most important thing for us is their final satisfaction.

If everything has to do with low prices, the low cost airlines should be the most demanded ones…

Sure. Without doubt the final positioning of the low cost airlines on short-haul and medium haul has become strengthened during last years. As we see in Travelgenio’s bookings, their tickets are sold everyday. They are the present and sure, they will be the future.

You launched a book called Destinario. It is for free. What can you tell us about this?

Yes, Travelgenio and Travel2be worked hard to give the best quality in this work, as we do in our day by day. We wanted to give ideas to all type of travelers for free. Since the launch, there have been thousands of downloads. We are very happy of the result. We just want to continue collaborating with their dreams, and that was our goal from the beginning. We are so thankful for the interest people has had with our Destinario.

What makes Travelgenio different?

Well, that’s difficult to answer. We don’t want to be compared with other agencies. Our goal, everyday is to give the best of ourselves to be able to offer the best service possible. That’s why we improved our customer service and why we are accesible by phone, mail or in the main social media. Our team has the challenge to give people the products and solutions they need. We are very happy right now of all the sucess we are having. In just 3 years we have grown a lot, and we want to continue working hard.

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