NY little apartments for rent

By | 30/12/2015

As flats price were rising during last years, people who wanted to own a property had to decide to invest in little meters houses.

Nowadays, anyway, the perfect plan is a home rental because you can choose, depending on your budget, many different offers you will find in the market.

NY is one of those places where the rentals are something really popular. Prices to own a property in Manhattan are impossible for almost anyone so, if they want to live in the Island, they have to bet for the rental.

Although prices there are not cheap, there is a new trend that has been approved by the authorities: the little apartments for rent.

We are talking about 26 m2 homes for living near the Finantial suburb in the most important city of the world if we talk about economy.

The truth is that there are some limits for these. Although in platforms like Airbnb you can find a huge offer of rooms, the truth is that the NY legislation do not allow to rent any apartment. There is a rigid law that prevent this, but when we see the real law, it is only allowed to rent a house or a room, not an entire flat at least you are going to stay more than a month.

Well, if you just take a look, entire apartments are offered in all the internet although there are some fines you must assume if they catch you. That’s why the new policy has included the new built towers of apartments.

Of course, you won’t find very popular rates for them and by now it is not clear if the rental is for people living there or just for tourist, but we have to afford that this type of mini houses are the future in almost any important capital.

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