Private Banking Versus Wealth Management

By | 01/12/2014

During all this 2014 investors have been thinking which would be the best investment formula to take the best profitability for their portfolios.

The truth is that little investors always talk about where to choose the best option of investment for their savings.

Today we want to talk about other type of investors, the ones that bet also for the private banking.

In this case, unlike the options offered by wealth management, most destined to portfolios of even 50,000 euros, this style of private banking is speaking of portfolios with investment assets that exceed 500,000 euros, that means that we talk about great fortunes looking not only financial management but a variety of products that will benefit your assets.

Maybe the most common difference between both concepts is this, the portfolio assets.

In both cases we also talk about the complementary services, not only in terms of investment but also in exclusive products.

If we talk about wealth management we are talking about assistance and also tax advices that help when annual closures to get the best profitability in the benefits obtained during the previous months.

Without doubts, both types of investment are not different enough as the relationship between customer and agent must be total, helping a fluid communication to find the objectives of the financial plan that has to be presented, approved and, modificated in case of necessity if it is not reaching the planning.

We have seen a complicated year in terms of investment as the different sceneries in raw materials or even in other markets have been very volatile and it is not expected that next year improves this situation. That’s why it could be a good alternative to take into account the government bonds which begin to attract the attention of investors and managers and will have to see how it will evolve over the coming months.

The truth is that the key of this year has been the diversification of all the investments porfolio so, both, the private banking or the wealth management, although similar and complementary, could be the clearest option for big or small investors.

2 thoughts on “Private Banking Versus Wealth Management

  1. Rody

    Talk about private banking versus wealth management is interesting. It is just about the amount you have to start which differences everything

  2. David

    It depends on the private banking conditions. As we have just read in many newspapers, next year will be really difficult to afford for investors as changes will continue being the main characteristic.


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