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Medieval castles in UK with Travel2be

If you want to visit some medieval castles, you just have to follow the recommendations of Travel2be, an online travel agency that has made an must see list for this type of edifications.

If you want to get there, you just have to book your flights and find the best season to travel to this historical country, where all the fairy tales could have happened, moreover, in those imponent constructions. ... read more - click title

Mariano Pelizzari, Travelgenio’s CEO talks about their challenges

With presence in mostly all the European countries, Travelgenio is a sucessful Spanish travel agency that born in 2010. Mariano Pelizzari, its CEO explains the constant expansion they are having.

They have presence in the main European countries and are prepairing the arrival to the Latin American countries to expand their portfolio. ... read more - click title

Winter adventures with Travelgenio

Now that temperatures are decreasing, there are many options to practise some winter sports not only in national destinations, but also abroad.

If you want to plan a perfect getaway to enjoy this season, you may take into account the possibility to save some time by getting to your destination by plane. ... read more - click title